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On festive occasions more than ever we think of our dear ones far away. " , had come home the Spring Festival is the mainest activity in winter vacation of major China undergraduate all the time. But in the university campus in nowadays, appeared however many " do not put in gens 's charge " . They abandon the joy that reunions with family friend, chose another celebrate a festival means.

The undergraduate that in former years is on winter vocation not to come home, mostly because " deficient of great distance home " , but different this year, some undergraduates are " way close home is rich also do not come home " . Foreign language of Shandong Normal University fastens the class of a graduation of 99 class, there is close half student not to plan to come home in 40 students spend the New Year, and because family circumstances is poor,do not come home purely have 5 person only. Big one, big in the student of 2, family circumstances is not difficult and the number that does not come home is not little also.

As we have learned, the circumstance of the college such as university of college of finance of Shandong Normal University, Shandong, Jinan mostly such. Shandong university learns the summerly teacher of the Ministry of Works in feudal China to think, a lot of undergraduates do not come home now spend the New Year, because domestic economy condition does not allow,not be, want to change to spend the New Year newly however means.

To great majority " do not put in gens 's charge " , use winter vacation to work part time will exercise oneself is first selection. The Li Dongjiang of Shandong finance college is a among them. He acquires an university as a child, go smoothly all the way, impose domestic requirement pretty good still, never had experienced a society " storm " . This year winter vacation, he is determined to want to become bout young worker, take exercise exercise oneself. A restaurant hires as it happens, he is applied for cheerfully go hitting coolie. Carry dish to wash a bowl everyday, pull the ground to clean sanitation, one day should work 8 hours, work overtime even sometimes work very late, and a month has 300 to come only a money.

Ask Li Dongjiang when the reporter such " the value is undeserved " when, he is laughing to say: "Look from economic income, this work tired income little, it is of course ' undeserved ' . But I work is not to make money, just contact a society for breakfast, increase some of experience. Increase some of experience..

Li Dongjiang says, spend the New Year every year to eat with the family member eat and drink drink the ground to cross the Spring Festival, slowly also do not feel what is fresh. Spend the New Year in the job this year, regular meeting is very contented. He says this is him " the first free-standing New Year " . The Xiaozhang of institute of Shandong university art is a dye-in-the-wood travel lover. She outside and gentle and quiet says, learn at ordinary times more nervous, take out time to travel inaccessibly, and annual " 51 " and " 11 " tourist attraction of golden week travel the person is completely suffer from, play not carefree. Accordingly, from get on an university to rise, she insists to use every cold summer vacation to travel to each district, have a look at different view scenic spot, experience different culture atmosphere. She has mixed winter vacation this year a few friends agree to go to Lhasa together, reckon night of the New Year's Eve can be spent in the Potala Palace.
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